Camunda Modeler Input/Output

Is there a great person who can tell me what this means and what scene it is used in?

I can give you some ideas until a greater person shows up.

Each task will always have access to all of the global variables for a given process instance. In some cases you might want to create variables that are local to the activity in question. In those cases you can use the input/output mapping to define the variable mapping.


Thank you very much. Can you describe a realistic scene for me?

Hello @huangjiabo ,

in case you want to reuse service task implementations but have different inputs and want their results stored in different variables.

You can then use the Input/Output Mapping.



How powerful is the input mapping? Can I extract data from a complex variable with an expression or would this require a script type input mapping?

Assume we have a variable ‘client’ containing

  "street":"foo road",

Is it possible to map the address object to a local variable by using something like ${client.address}


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Hello @affegsicht ,

by using SPIN, you will be able to do this!

Documentation can be found here:

It works almost as you proposed already, just a bit more overhead :slight_smile:


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Thank you very much

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Thank you very much, You said it very well

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