Camunda Modeler- Skip BPMN activity based on certain condition


Is there any way to skip activity in BPMN flow without using exclusive gateway. Below is the example where i want to skip one activity for Retail customer. Is there any better n simpler way to model this.

You could use conditional flow to accomplish the same. You would have two flows originating from the start event in this case, both with (most likely the same) conditions. Although that would work, I think most people would say that the model you already have is the simplest and most readable/understandable model for this situation. Being explicit about which choice is being made is often best.

Yet another approach could be to simply implement the condition in the activity itself. In case of an automated task, just do nothing. In case of a user task, immediately complete it somehow. Both suffer the same problem: it’s not obvious from the model that the activity is sometimes executed and sometimes “skipped”, nor what the condition for doing either is.

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