Camunda Modeler Version on File Import


I have imported several files into the Camunda Modeler. Some were opened as “Camunda Platform 7”, some as “Camunda Platform 8”. Unfortunately, there is no way to switch between these two.

My tests lead me to the conclusion, that the (non-)existence of the zeebe XML namespace in the root XML bpmn:definitions tag determines which Camunda Platform version is used.

My question is: Why can I not switch between the two? Or why can I not determine on import if I would like to use “Camunda Platform 7” or “Camunda Platform 8”?

zeebe properties could simply be ignored when choosing “Camunda Platform 7” as is the case with XML namespaces unknown to the Camunda Modeler.

Hello @PaulLunk-viadee ,

there is an additional namespace modeler.

It offers attributes executionPlatform and executionPlatformVersion.

These attributes determine how the modeler handles the file.

I hope this helps


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You are right, I just confirmed this. By adding this namespace by hand and setting the modeler:executionPlatform I can either import as “Camunda Cloud” or “Camunda Platform”.

Thank you so much!

Still though, I did not include this namespace nor its attributes and in that case the (non-)existence of zeebe attributes on import seems to determine the execution platform.

Why not prompt the user to choose on import in that case as he obviously has not decided yet? Probably because the model was not created with Camunda specifics in mind.

Hello @PaulLunk-viadee ,

I think this is because of simplicity.

Until some version, the Camunda Modeler defaulted to a 7.x version.

Now, we obviously default to 8.x :wink:

Yet, I am sure this could be solved by a plugin.


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