Camunda Modeler (vertical)

Hello, is it possible to model process diagrams vertically in Camunda Modeler, or is it not supported?

Hi, Camunda Modeler does not support vertical modeling right now, and it’s not on the roadmap. We are happy to accept external contributions in the upstream library: I can model vertical pools · Issue #507 · bpmn-io/bpmn-js · GitHub
See also: Vertical pools - #6 by MichiDahm

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If you don’t use the pools (that are a bad thing anyway IMO) then what prevents you from drawing your model vertically?

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The importance of pools varies depending on the use case…
For example, in one of my current projects, I use Camunda calling and interacting with several microservices, with several process definitions, and several microservices in each process definition.

We also use DMNs as a rule engine, which are implemented but are not explicit in camunda modeling, they are only called by the microservice that needs validation.

In this case that I mentioned, I don’t see a way to use pools correctly and for the modeling to remain pleasing to the eye.

But… that’s my opinion too hehehehe.

William Robert Alves

But… i also think the same as our friend @fml2 , if you don’t use pools, what prevents you from modeling your process vertically?

I wanted to arrange the pools and lanes vertically because I find it more aesthetically pleasing for modeling.

Yes my friend, in some cases it is more aesthetic to model vertically, but as far as I know, unfortunately Camunda does not have this on the Roadmap.

There was an old discussion on the forum about this subject, which you can check further.

William Robert Alves


Trank you very much

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