Camunda Modeller v5.5.1 errors out when escaping variables

I am using the latest desktop modeler (linux 5.5.1) to configure my bpmn process. While escaping a variable containing special character I get an error in the modeller but the workflow runs perfectly fine on zeebe (camunda 8). Please see the attached screenshot.

Any idea what could be the issue? How can I avoid the error?

Hello @jgeek1.

With the first iterations of our FEEL tooling we aim to support standard FEEL, not Camunda’s syntax extensions, with the backticks for “non FEEL strings” being one.

The FEEL standard way, also supported also supported by Camunda 8, is to use the get value utility function.

Supporting non-standard FEEL in our editor tooling is currently up for consideration; I cannot promise you anything though. Following a standard has its up- and sometimes downsides.

Hope this helps.


Thanks @nikku for sharing the standard function. I have a slightly complex input json like below - how do I get the value of city$name for the first address$detail array element?


  "person": {
    "name": "Jgeek",
    "address$details": [
         "city$name": "Delhi"
         "city$name": "Mumbai"

Does the linked playground help you out?

No tried it here but got blocked. I don’t know how to call the function when multiple nested json elements have special characters and also when some of them are arrays. Any idea?

Works for me. It may not be pretty, but it is FEEL.

You have to ensure to call your arrays with index 1 as the start index.

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