Camunda Modular Version 7 User Task - Forms

I am new to Camunda and I am trying to create user task with form. I am facing a strange issue, I am able to deploy the process using rest and I can see the process running in the localhost using the cockpit application. The issue is the form that I associated with the usertask does not show up in the tasklist for that particular user task. I am not sure what I am missing. Please find the attached workflow, form and task configuration and what I am seeing in task list.

User task and Settings


  "components": [
      "values": [
          "label": "Report1 ",
          "value": "Report1 "
          "label": "Bank-statement",
          "value": "Report2 "
      "label": "Report ",
      "type": "select",
      "id": "Field_1o4wqm3",
      "key": "report",
      "description": "Select the report ype",
      "defaultValue": "<none>"
      "label": "File Location",
      "type": "textfield",
      "id": "Field_0p8fdu4",
      "key": "File_location",
      "description": "Provide the workdocs location where the file is uploaded",
      "properties": {}
  "type": "default",
  "id": "form",
  "executionPlatform": "Camunda Cloud",
  "executionPlatformVersion": "8.1.0",
  "exporter": {
    "name": "Camunda Modeler",
    "version": "5.6.0"
  "schemaVersion": 5

I am able to successflully deploy the process and check it cockpit but the Form does not show up in the tasklist. Stupid forum doesnt allow me to post multiple medias to share screen shots

Camunda Platform 7.18
Modeler version 5.6.0
OS - MacOS Monterey

Please let me know what I am missing


It looks like your form is targeting platform 8. Please make sure to select “platform 7” as the target platform when you create a new form

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Hi Hassang, I did observe that and I created from in version 7 as well and it still does not showup. Is there any tips on how to debug the issue.


Hi @balrajrajkumar,

Following the form reference approach, this can be done as in the below snips

Notice: Form reference approach offers more flexibility than formKey as they can be deployed independently from the process model

Thanks Hassang. Quick question, In camunda, For a task deep in the process, Is there a way to know which tasks are dependent? We would like to which tasks were completed to get to the current task. For example.

In the above case, user Varun would like to see all the tasks that led to his task. Is this something camunda can provide via any APIs