Camunda mvn archetype vs. Camunda Spring Boot external task starter

I notice that the Camunda mvn archtype does not yet include the latest spring boot external task starter. In addition when creating a mvn archetype spring boot demo I do not see any Camunda settings in application.yaml is there a reason for this? And what is the recommended starting point then if I want to create a new Spring boot application? I believe that most tasks I will use Spring boot for external tasks.

Hey @Steven,

happy to see your interest in the maven archetypes. :slight_smile:
The spring boot external task starter is quite new and the archetypes are mainly created by our lovely consultants after gathering some experience and best practices for such modules. So that at least might explain why there is no archetype for that at the moment.

That being said, PRs to our archetype repository are more than welcome if there are valuable additions.

Maybe you could detail a bit more on that since there are Camunda-related settings in the application.yaml of the Spring Boot Demo archetype.

If you want to get started with the Spring Boot Starter External Task Client, have a look at @tasso94’s fantastic blog post about it:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:



Yes, thanks. I am using this and its a great foundation for that aspect. Next I am researching for having external VueJS forms URL. Embedded vs. external