Camunda on .NET

While reviewing supported environments, we found below where it states Java. Whether camunda (Process engine, Cock pit) will run on .NET. Enterprise edition/Community will support .NET. Kindly advise.


Hello @rathina_karthik ,

as the engine is written in Java, a JRE is required to run it.

A common pattern when using Camunda inside a C# environment is the implementation of automated tasks a External task and then using a external task client to execute your business logic in .NET.
The only constraint is that the platform itself runs on Java.

Hope this gives you an idea


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Thank you @jonathan.lukas .This helps.

Why External task pattern with .Net?

Hello @ONader ,

if my previous post does not answer your question completely, please feel free to ask more in detail.


Hello @jonathan.lukas,

Iā€™m a student and working the Integration of Camunda in a .Net software.
I was told that is recommended to use the External task pattern while dealing with .Net. Why and what are the problems with scripting and connector?

Hello @ONader ,

scripting is recommended to be used for simple tasks like calculations or string operations. Connectors exist for providing generic connections to REST and SOAP services out of the box. But they lack in configurability and are also written in Java.

The External Task Pattern enables the execution of technical tasks from outside the engine, meaning that this approach is language-agnostic. This is why you want to use .NET with External Tasks.

I hope this helps