Camunda Optimize automated way for transfering the reports for different environments

@Helene Do you have an idea how can we transfer the reports in an automated way? From E environment to Test and then to PROD at the moment we do that by hand but it is not that convenient. What would you suggest?

Hey @hahi,

Currently there is no functionality in Optimize to do this in an automated way out of the box, though we will probably expand the import/export functionality with future releases which should make the feature more convenient to use manually.
In the meantime if you have a specific idea of what kind of export/import automation would be useful to have in Optimize it would be great if you could open a feature request with us, then we can evaluate whether this is something we can add to Optimize.


@Helene thank you very much, we will discuss this with the team and most probably we will open a feature.

Great, thanks!