Camunda optimize elastic search issue

Hi Team,

I am trying out Camunda optimize with my own elastic cluster which is hosted in azure with basic auth . Our elastic search is accessible with this url I modified the environment-config.yaml to point this host. Camunda optimize is unable to start and the log “Starting Camunda Optimize 3.7.2…” is forever. There is no option in the env-config for providing any prefix. Hereby mentioned the es-config. Please let me know if I am missing anything.

- host: ‘
httpPort: 443
enabled: false
sslEnabled: false
username: ‘elastic’
password: ‘espasswrd’
certificate: null
certificate_authorities: []
enabled: true

Hi @Techie,
Looking at the elasticsearch docs, I think the client expects Elasticsearch at the base path, so you’d need to configure your elasticsearch cluster to be accessible without the /elasticsearch subpath.

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Elastic search client can accomodate pathprefix by using configuration. That’s how we are using in our spring boot App. Please check the below references:

In our use case, we can’t hit direct elastic cluster, it has to be through proxy and it contains a path prefix. So, looking for some help to solve this use case.

Hi @Techie,
Cheers for the references, that’s actually good info to know. Unfortunately, Optimize doesn’t currently support specifying a path prefix. I would suggest you open a feature request then the team and I can look into evaluating whether this is functionality we can add to Optimize with a future release.