Camunda optimize in vagrant

I got license camunda optimize demo for 30 days. When I setup it in vagrant, I got the following error. What should be problem ?

When I run it on my local, It runs properly and It uses BASIC security
Why the security definition is different in vagrant ?

I got the camunda trial license, after running, I entered my license key in ui side. I try to login with demo account I got the following error. What should I do ?

Hi @murat,

do you have a Camunda engine with REST API running on your computer?

I recently started Optimize without an engine and ran into the same issue.

After starting my local process engine, I could login to Optimize. The authorization to enter Optimize is checked in the engine.

Hope this helps, Ingo

When i run camunda engine 7.15.11 version with camunda webapp 7.15.11 version. the problem is resolved. we need to create demo account in camunda webapp and after that try to login optimize. This process wasn’t worked with 7.15.0 version.