Camunda Optimize installation on VM with Ubuntu


I have the following setup:

I am trying to install on a VM with Ubuntu 22.04 Camunda 8 selfmanaged.
I managed to install Zeebe, Tasklist and Operate (together with Elasticsearch) but i am not able to install Optimize. Is there any possibility to install it?
I really need it since i will have to run some reports on the processes.

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Mihai
Could you please provide more details on " but i am not able to install Optimize"? How you deploy it, what issues/errors you see etc.
More details is better.


As @Alex_Voloshyn mentioned please do share more details.

Camunda 8 SM has multiple options to install

  1. Helm/Kubernates
  2. Docker
  3. Manual

Which one you choose to install?

Optimize requires ElasticSearch and Identity. Did you install KeyCloak Identity?


I am coming back with additional details:

  • i have made a manual installation on a virtual machine (an Ubuntu as said above)
  • i installed successfully Zeebe, Operate and Tasklist and i am able to deploy a process from Modeler and run it.
  • i don’t know if i am able to install Optimize since on the site it is mentioned: A local setup in Camunda 8 is not yet supported out-of-the-box, use Docker instead. and in this manual situation i am not sure if i am able to run Optimize container on Docker (i would have to run it on this virtual machine)

Is there any solution to be able to install and run Optimize on this Camunda 8 self managed deployment?

PS: Elasticsearch and Identity are installed since Zeebe/Operate/Tasklist could not run w/o it


Hello @Mihai ,
Is there anything that prevents you from installing Docker on that VM(Ubuntu) and then running Optimize as a Docker container?


I can’t enable KVM on my Ubuntu host: when running: egrep -c ‘(vmx|svm)’ /proc/cpuinfo i receive 0.
Docker Desktop is installed. Idk if i can run it somehow.

It might mean that hardware virtualization support is not enabled or available on your CPU. I would check the BIOS settings and look for an option related to virtualization support. And enable this option if it’s available.

Another option is to google if your CPU supports the virtualization.

At the moment, it looks like the main issue you need to solve is how to run the Docker container in your VM, so it’s not about Optimize.

So the only option to install Optimize in this setup is via Docker.
the Optimize distribution can be downloaded from GitHub?

Yes, Optimize is available as Docker image for local setup, can be downloaded from
docker hub.

docker pull camunda/optimize

I installed docker-ce on the ubuntu machine and the Optimize container in Portainer and is running.
I configured port 8083 (container port 8080 and host port 8083)
When i am trying to run: localhost:8083 i receive “The connection was reset”

I see that there is no Elastic search connection:
14:36:29.389 [main] INFO o.c.o.u.e.ElasticsearchHighLevelRestClientBuilder - No Elasticsearch nodes available, waiting [1000] ms to retry connecting

14:36:30.390 [main] ERROR o.c.o.u.e.ElasticsearchHighLevelRestClientBuilder - Can’t connect to any ES node right now. Retrying connection…

Elastic search is running (localhost:9200) but i presume it is not configured.

Can you please help me?

Can you connect to the Elasticsearch instance? For example with Portman?
You need to confirm that the instance is running.

if i connect to localhost:9200 from firefox i get this json. so the instance is running.
Is my understanding correct?

Yes. Elastic search instance looks good.

I think you need to add a configuration parameter to the Optimize container.
Depending on how you run it either add --add-host host.docker.internal:host-gateway to docker run command or add the following if you’re using docker-compose.yml file.

    - "host.docker.internal:host-gateway"

Hi @Mihai
Were you able to fix the issue with Elasticsearch that we discussed?

no i was not. I tried what you told me but it didn’t work.
i installed Camunda 8 self-managed in docker using docker compose and it works. Now i am trying to call camunda rest apis from outside docker and i got stuck. I opened a new post.
thank you for your help!

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