Camunda Optimize License Key has wrong format

Hi Team,

Please help me if any knowledge about camunda Optimize platform.

I have try to configure the camunda Optimize platform version 2.2.0

I got the issue “License Key has wrong format” when I created new account but I got email only Camunda key but I need camunda optimize key.

Can anyone help me to resolve the issue.

Hi @lakhwinder,
Is there a reason you’re using such an old version of Optimize? If you’ve recently signed up for Camunda you have probably received a unified Camunda license key, which is not compatible with Optimize 2.2.0, but should work with newer Optimize versions. You can find those on our download page if you’re using a local installation.

Hi @Helene ,

Thanks for update.
I have installed the latest trial version camunda-optimize-3.9.0-preview-1-demo.
but I am not able to login with credetials demo/demo

Could you give me some idea. How we can login the camunda optimize

I see you’ve already created a separate thread for this question, I agree with the reply @StephanHaarmann has left for you there.