Could not authenticate you, please check your credentials

I have installed the latest trial version camunda-optimize-3.9.0-preview-1-demo.
but I am not able to login with credetials demo/demo

Could you give me some idea. How we can login the camunda optimize


In the Camunda 7 stack, optimize checks the users’ authorization against the settings in Camunda Platform 7, i.e., the setting set in the Camunda Admin. Make sure that Camunda is running and that the demo user has the rights to access Optimize.
The following page explains the necessary steps:

Hi @StephanHaarmann,

Thanks for give the update.

but problem is getting when we run the optimize-demo file after showing the login page. So we can set the admin for camunda.

I’m afraid, I do not fully understand your setup.
The optimize demo requires you to run Camunda 7, i.e., Camunda Run.
If I start only the demo, I get the error that you are describing.
If I also start Camunda Platform 7, I can successfully login using username demo, password demo.

Hi @StephanHaarmann

I have installed the version Camunda camunda-optimize-3.9.0-preview-1-demo but when I run the Camunda after showing the login page. When I am trying to login username:demo/pwd:demo then showing the validation “Could not authenticate you, please check your credentials.”

Which version of Camunda are you running? Did you change the port?
Maybe you can retry with a fresh installation of Camunda Run?

@StephanHaarmann I want to be run on Camunda Optimize. Can you give the reference Camunda Optimize version? Above your Camunda vesion is Camunda Optimize version?

If you want to run Camunda Optimize you also have to run Camunda Platform because Optimize

  • gets its data from the Camunda Platform and
  • uses the Platform’s authorization settings to authenticate users.

So make sure that you do both of the following:

  • download and run the Camunda Platform. The easiest way is Camunda Run, which I linked above.
  • afterwards, start the optimize demo

Only if both Camunda Platform/Engine and Camunda Optimize are running, you can login to Optimize.

Thanks @StephanHaarmann .

I am trying to download Camunda platform. I will try to figure out the problem. if I will face an issue then I will ping you on this same thread.