Camunda Optimize stopped importing Process Instances

I’m using Optimize 3.7.0 with Camunda 7.20.0 in order to import my processes definitions and instances.
I’ve already setup an “Optimize” user with proper authorizations, but Optimize stops importing data after failing in importing Decision Instances.
I get this error from the optimize console:

ERROR o.c.o.s.i.e.f.i.DecisionInstanceFetcher - Error during fetching of entities. Please check the connection with [camunda-bpm]! Make sure all required engine authorizations exist HTTP 403 Forbidden

howerver, I’m not able to see any authorization property on Decision Instances in camunda 7.20, but only for Decision Definitions.

Since optimize is not able to process this fetching, it stops importing all other definitions and instances for my processes, and I end up with half of the available data imported.
How do I prevent Optimize from importing decision instances?
Or what are the proper authorizations for importing decision instances?