Camunda overview in one diagram. Is there anything incorrect?

As an attempt to quickly give an overview to newbie of Camunda. Still have concern on Development subtopic: Cluster and Standalone, as to how are they categorized/ grouped? Pls shed light, thanks

Hey @h.bac09 and welcome to the Camunda Forum! :slight_smile:
Cool mindmap you have created there!

Below you can find some suggested edits:

  • Process > Process types: You are mentioning the embedded, shared and remote process engine here. These are rather different ways to integrate the process engine than about the BPMN process itself.
  • Components: If you rely on the C7 enterprise edition there is also Optimize to take into account.
  • Deployment: If you want to learn more about what Cluster deployment means and how this differs I recommend taking a look here: The PDF file is pretty accurate. :slight_smile:

To sum it up: The cluster model refers to a high availability architecture. You do have multiple process engines up and running which connect to a shared database to make sure everything is consistent. A standalone process engine is more or less the remote one.

Hopefully that helped you already. Let me know if anything is unclear for you!

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Thanks very much @Hafflgav

Your points are all sensible and will be brought to the updated diagram when time allowed

Again, thanks indeed for your helpful comments

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