camunda-platform 8.4 opensearch configure

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Folks I want to install the latest camunda-platform version 8.4 with opensearch in an aws eks cluster vs 1.28

It looks like it is possible but I can’t understand how to pass the opensearch values.

Support for Amazon OpenSearch

The Helm charts can still be used to install for OpenSearch, but some adjustments are needed beforehand.

I can’t understand how can I pass those values.

Zeebe: Configure the OpenSearch exporter.

How I pass the AWS exporters part into the values.yml ??
I can’t find exporters in Default values

Operate & Tasklist: These components use the same parameters for both Elasticsearch and OpenSearch. Replace the elasticsearch part of the relevant configuration key with opensearch, together with its appropriate value.


These options should be in the ‘global’ part of values.yml ?
Default values

Please advice.