Camunda Platform Enterprise Pricing

I find guidance on your website regarding Camunda Cloud pricing, but not on Camunda Platform Enterprise pricing. I am a contract developer and specialize in Camunda related development, so I’m not in a position to arrange discussions with Camunda sales reps. However, I do try to persuade my customers to consider the purchase an enterprise license, but inevitably the question of price comes up and I can never provide any such information.

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Hi @Chuck_Irvine

This isn’t something i know much about and so i asked a buddy of mine in sales about it and they said:

“Talk to an AE/SDR and ask them how they can help you convince your management.
You don’t need to go into a commercial discussion. But a strategic one could be beneficial for them!”

Hope that helps!

No, doesn’t really help. I’ve used the enterprise license and can definitely make a convincing argument for its use. I could even pull down an eval copy and give demonstrations of the cool stuff in Cockpit and Optimize.

Begin soapbox:

On the subject of price, though, I have a comment or two. First, I am absolutely in favor of a company maximizing their revenue and profits. That’s the way a business is supposed to operate. Second, I’ve developed in three other BPM toolkits and at this point I wouldn’t take a BPM job using anything but Camunda. I’m a developer for 20+ years and Camunda is the only BPM toolkit that I consider “developer friendly”. Third, after thinking it was coming for many years, I think BPM is really starting to gain momentum.

I think a company that has really succeeded with and because of their pricing model is Atlassian with Jira. Price it low enough so that every business can afford it and then dominate the market. I think Camunda could be that company.

End soapbox.

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I love a good soap box! :laughing:
I honestly do love to hear feedback like this, and when i do, i generally try to let it be known to the relevant stakeholders. I’ll let you know if i can get a response for you.

In the same situation (with same thoughts) as Chuck. Any movement on more transparent enterprise platform pricing @Niall ?

A couple of days ago I started investigating platform 8. I’m pretty excited by it for a number of reasons. One reason is I think it comes very close to providing an ideal low cost entry level BPM platform. I’m referring to the SaaS Professional license. I think it’s a great price point. Especially considering that there are no infrastructure costs. I do wonder if 10 task users and 100 process instances is enough for most any MVP project. Maybe something like 50 and 1000 would be more reasonable numbers.