Camunda Platform Scenario tests and async before/after

I start using Camunda Platform Scenario to test my process (embedded Camunda in SpringBoot). I have built some scenario tests that run successfully.

However as soon as I enable “async before” (or after, tried both) on my process start event, the tests fail on the execute call.

Scenario handler =;

The error is: ENGINE-14026 No job found with id ‘43dbd290-ed57-11ec-a48e-0a0027000002’

First this seemed obvious to me, since the JobExecutor is not running. But then I saw in the log that the process is executed. That also matches the quote from the Platform Scenario project github page

Introduce or remove transaction borders (“savepoints”: asyncBefore/asyncAfter) without affecting your tests

2022-06-16 11:32:39.877 DEBUG 17136 --- [aTaskExecutor-1] c.v.l.t.p.service....
2022-06-16 11:32:39.883 DEBUG 17136 --- [aTaskExecutor-1] c.v.l.t.p.service....

It looks to me like the process is running and completed successfully, but because of the async flag the Scenario test has “lost” the execution

Am I missing something?