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Good afternoon, how can I get information from each Camunda node to give the data for the flow to continue?
My objective: to make a front-end to pass the information to Camunda following the flow that was created.
For this I need to know what information Camunda needs and how to send it, so I’ll have to receive the information he needs and return the data.
for example, I have a registration flow and in the first node it wants name and email, in my interface I will show these name and email entries, receive the texts and send Camunda to follow the flow and so on until the flow ends.
Thank you for help in advance!

Hello @Matheus404 ,

each node has the information about the process instance it belongs to with the process instance id.

This would tie it all together.

In case of hierarchical structures, you would need to fetch the process instance object as well to find out whether there is a parent process instance to check which root process instance the current node belongs to.

In general, you would only need to look at „natural wait states“ like user tasks, external service tasks or catching events.

Does this help you?


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I believe so, thank you very much @jonathan.lukas!

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