Camunda process sync

Hello guys ,
I just want ask if there is any solution for the case where i have a camunda bpmn model that represent the orchestrator of my springboot implentation , the process started using the Rest Api that call the ProcessEngine bean , my aim is to make it work in the synchronous mode to ensure the recievement of the final response of the process which normally function in the asynchronous mode . any suggestions please ?

Hi @Iheb_Ben_Romdhane,

here is an example repository: GitHub - berndruecker/camunda-7-remote-spring-boot-example: Example showing how to connect to a remote Camunda Run from Spring boot for external taks and OpenAPI REST calls

where especially this class may be interesting: camunda-7-remote-spring-boot-example/ at main · berndruecker/camunda-7-remote-spring-boot-example · GitHub

Hope this helps, Ingo