Camunda : Process versioning and migration

I have external service ( from which i got response) on each start task i have similar process start task->http connector->task processor->user task (inside user task i use embedded html forms with table and form script and inside table i have)->adjust answer or another user task->end work
every time i generate new task ( i mean i press on new task option) i have more than 200 request received from my remote service ( cosequently 200 request is written inside my embedded html table form content)
then i will look at data which is placed inside html table and i choose data which is wekk-formed ( i mean in my table i have checkboxes for all row and if data is well-formed i will click on this checkbox and chosen data will be represented in next forms otherwise it wouldn’t be chosen and send to adjust form process) and for those which weren’t chosen i need following process to be avalaible:

(here is process which should be completed inside camunda environment ) if some of the response data ( i mean response received from remote service (which is placed inside html table inside embedded form)) isn’t well-formed or correct and i want to block them for some time, all this blocked data is placed in this table, but several times a day i need to get data from remote server and consequently i need to generate several task in a day and i need to reunite all this table data into last one table ( i want to migrate all this uncompleted data to second newly created task.)( for example if i have generated 3 new process in a day i need to reunite all this table data into last created task table )

there is one more thing i am interested in: How should i change war versions every time task is created?

Hi Sally,

please provide a step-by-step instruction so your case can be reproduced more easily.

hi @FabianHinsenkamp i have added some more information about this task in main question

Hi Sally,

I still struggle to completely understand what you are intending to do. You are working with external tasks as far as I understood. Please point out clearly which part of your logic is directly related to camunda.

A resource which might help you is the external task documentation:

Please write a new post to clarify the issue.

Hi @FabianHinsenkamp sorry for my poor english and bad explanations i have added more detail explanatiaon to my question , if it is still unclear i will upload bpmn, thank you for your support :slight_smile: