Camunda python support


I get the following error when I try to execute an inline python script.

"Can’t find scripting engine for ‘python’: scriptEngine is null".

Also attached is a snippet of the inline python code and configuration that I did

Also can someone point me to examples of using python with camunda. I could not find great resources online.


Hey @Anil_kumar ,

If you would like to use Python for the script, you need to include the Jython scripting engine is in Camunda’s classpath.

Camunda comes out of the box with Groovy and JavaScript. You can find more information on script here: Scripting |

I hope this helps

I wonder if there would be a way running Graal-Python through GraalVM. Graal-Javascript is already included in Camunda Platform nowadays:

@Noordsestern Unfortunately, Graal-Python integration seems to be much more complex than for JS. A issue containing discussion, why they don’t see it being usable outside native GraalVM (=the other JVMs): Expose the Python truffle interpreter in a Maven package · Issue #96 · oracle/graalpython · GitHub

Btw, did you get this solved? Even Python 2 is supported OOTB, its dependencies are not automatically included in all distributions (i.e. in spring boot starter). The correct dependency is jython-standalone, which bundles Python 2.7.


Python 3 is not yet supported, as discussed in this thread.