Camunda Reactor maintenance and support

Hi @jangalinski - can you share what are the plans to support the camunda-reactor in the future? I see latest commits are 6 months old. Will the reactor support the latest versions of Camunda (now 7.9)? Will new reactor enhancements be implemented in the future?

Best regards,
Paul Palacean

Hi Paul

thanks for rising the issue. I will provide a build against 7.9, But there won’t be any changes because nothing related to the Listener-concept changed from 7.8 to 7.9.

Further plans:
Though I came up with this extension, in my spring projects I currently achieve the same behavior with EventListener(condition="…") and try to avoid getting all the transitive dependencies in my project. So I guess I will probably extract the “camundaSelector” API and split the core into a spring- and a non.spring part, where spring registers components to the ApplicationEventPublisher and non.spring continues using the project-reactor bus.

Unfortunately, the reactor-bus is discontinued by pivotal/projectreactor itself, so there is not much to expect in the future.

Do you miss any features? Would you like to join forces/provide PRs?


Hi Jan,
first of all, in the first post, I forgot to thank you for the hard work you put on the camunda-reactor. We just started using it because we have taskListeners which need to be placed on every user task and we noticed that sometimes we forget to define them in the Modeler. The only thing we miss right now is to have the ability to define the same taskListener for multiple events so @CamundaSelector(type = “userTask”, events = TaskListener.EVENTNAME_CREATE, TaskListener.EVENTNAME_COMPLETE). Can this be achieved using EventListener? Can you provide an example?

We are using Camunda with Spring Boot.

Best regards,
Paul Palacean

Hi @ppalacean,

this example may help you to register the task listener in a process engine plugin:

In spring-boot, you only need to annotate the plugin with @Component to get it running.

Hope this helps, Ingo