Camunda rest engine URL in Springboot starter

I created multiple Camunda instances using spring boot starter, each one with different application path and different process engine name, then exported each one as a war and deployed them on external tomcat server.

the web applications are working fine, but I can’t access the REST APIs.

I am accessing the webapps using this link http://host:port/application-path/camunda/app/welcome/engine-name/#!/welcome

How can I access the engine-rest?

I tried http://host:port/application-path/engine-rest , http://host:port/engine-rest , http://host:port/application-path/engine-rest/engine/enine-name

and all of them are not working, any help??

Hi @Alaa_migdady,

What starters do you have in your pom file?
Do you have both starters (rest and webapp)?



yes, I do have them both

Did you try

What version do you use?

If it is an old one then rest should be used as context instead of engine-rest

yes, I did

Camunda version is : 7.18.0
springBoot version : 2.7.3

unfortunately I also tried rest :frowning:

Did you check the log file? Could you please share it?

You can have a look at below docs

Did you change the application path using the below property?


I changed it using this property camunda.bpm.webapp.application-path

maybe this is my mistake, I am changing only the context of the webapps :confused:

I changed it, and still not working

@Alaa_migdady Could you share the GitHub link of your code? Would be easier to debug the issue.