Camunda-rest with service task

please who can tell me how to work with service task in camunda-rest

Hi @mobarki,

Do you have a specific question? There is nothing specific to the combination of REST API and service tasks that needs to be considered.


hi i want to know how to execute a service task , a user task I could execute it give him variables but a service task I have no idea how to execute it

Have you studied the BPMN implementation reference on service tasks yet?

yes ,but i would to use the rest api is it the same thing!!

Can you describe what you are trying to achieve?

if i want to start a process saying that it starts with a user task using camunda rest calling url http: // localhost: 43887 / activiti-rest / service / runtime / process-instances… with post then there is a service task how then I start it "execute the this service task " using camunda rest

hi @mobarki

try to use the camunda default endpoint: http://localhost:8080/engine-rest and check how you can start a new process instance here
After you have started the process instance, you can complete the user task using the tasklist or using the task endpoint of the REST API.
The service task that you modeled after the UserTask will be executed automatically by Camunda.
The only exception would be if you chose implementation type external Task on the Service Task.
Then you have to complete it manually.


precisely my task service verifies data in an external system. I send data to another system it validates the data and sends me the answer how to solve this problem !!!

@mobarki Have you studied the implementation guide for service tasks?

thank you for your help @felix-mueller ,
I will try to understand what is in the url you gave me

Just for your understanding:

  • User tasks need a user interation, so Camunda waits for a user completes that kind of task to continue the flow execution.

  • Services Task, Gateways and any other thing which aren`t a user task are executed automaticaly in a row. This execution stops when Camunda find another User task or an End Event or AN error happens.

To be very simple: After you start a process instance camunda will execute everithing until it finds a user task or an end/error event happens.

Another important thing you should know is about the Task Complete Event. This event tells to camund finish the current user task and continue the flow execution. If any error happens the Complete event is aborted.

thank you, in my project the tasks services require java execution when I affect the method java to my task service camunda shows me an error how to make this method readable by camunda