Camunda retrying long running service task multiple times

Dear Team,

We are using camunda to send bulk email at scheduled time. We have written a service task such that it sends 10 emails per second. Let’s say we have a list of 5000 email addresses. When the service task tries to send 5000 emails at the rate of 10 emails/per sec, it becomes stuck and keep on sending same email multiple times to the email addresses.

Camunda Spring boot version - 7.15. Please find attached bpmn file

massLead-process.bpmn (8.7 KB)

Can you please help on this issue?

Hi Satish,

How did you implement the service task? As Java Delegates?

In this case, the behavior is expected: By default, Camunda retries tasks that take longer than 5 min to prevent that processes get stuck because a job got stuck or crashed.
However, you can configure this time-out period. You can read more about it in the following thread:

Thank you Stephan for the response. Yes my service task is Java Delegates. I will add the timeout-period.