Camunda Saas Identity Federation -

Hello guys, I was investigating and in my research I saw that the only way to do a federation with a corporative directory app will be done only in adopting a self managed installation.

It is true?

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Hello @Maxi_Gutierrez ,

this is not true. If you are heading for Saas Enterprise, you will also be able to integrate your identity provider with Camunda.

Anyway, with self-managed this is possible by leveraging keycloak.


Hello @jonathan.lukas, thank you for your answer.

Could provide camunda saas link references about this?


Hello @Maxi_Gutierrez ,

I am not sure whether there is a public statement about Saas identity provider integration… sorry.

You will get all the information about it when getting in touch with our sales team.


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Hi @Maxi_Gutierrez,

here is a section in the docs about the topic: Connect your IDP with Camunda Platform | Camunda Platform 8 Docs

Hope this helps, Ingo