Camunda scheduler

Hi Camundos,

I have 2 bpmn file.

  1. Check Document.bpmn (8.2 KB)

2.New Business Process.bpmn (16.9 KB)

I put the timer in that flow, what I want to do is when the process in the #1 bpmn is done it will trigger some activity in other bpmn for sample activiy Presuspend prescreening in bpmn #2. May questions is how I can achieve that?

Thanks for any help

@dimasrij From #1 bpmn model you have call activity which will invoke the process defined in #2 bpmn model based on the timer event on #1 bpmn model.

Wrong configuration of called element:

In call activity (#1 bpmn) the called element should be the ProcessDefinitionKey of the #2 bpmn model.

It should be like below:

Hi @aravindhrs thanks for your answer, I reupload the bpmn. So basically I wan that BPMN search document is like stand alone since it will become scheduler for searching document. Whenever condition meet when searching document in the search document BPMN. It will trigger certain activity in New Business Process. BPMN. sample when check document found some document then it will trigger Auto Prescreening activity in New Business Process BPMN. How can I achieve that?how to correlate between 1 BPMN into another BPMN if there’s no relation like call activity?