Camunda SDK Help

I’m hoping to get some help with an issue I’m having with a Human Task in the TaskList. I want to display some data on the screen, and I’ve built an Object that contains 3 Maps. I want to build a table and display the contents of the maps to the User.

I’ve tried looking at the documentation here and here, and I still cannot understand how to get a variable either out of the process or out of the task.

Can someone please show me the code to get one process variable displayed on the screen?

If I can see how to get the progress.bundleId and the syntax of how to access the Rules in one of the maps, that would be great.

TestMBRWFalloutHumanTask.bpmn (3.9 KB)
RuleDeploymentFalloutForm.html.txt (1005 Bytes)
RuleDepoymentFalloutFunc.js.txt (2.0 KB) (4.5 KB) (2.4 KB)