Camunda Self Hosted performance tuning

Hi there.

I’m baking POC project with usage of Camunda 8 (self hosted managed by helm charts).

There is my configuration of zeebe.

clusterSize: “3”
partitionCount: “9”
replicationFactor: “3”
cpuThreadCount: 15
ioThreadCount: 15

      cpu: 1000m
      memory: 6000Mi
      cpu: 1000m
      memory: 6000Mi

I’m running 1000 processes loaded once in time (simulation of 10 concurrent users that start 100 processes each) to get the understanding of throughput, latency, general performance.
Process is a simple queue of 5 service tasks that makes REST GET to a resource with response time 1000ms invoked by webhook.

In result I have all processes completed in approximately 8 minutes 30 seconds.

Nor clusterSize, partitionCount, cpuThreadCount, ioThreadCount, cpu, memory changes have improved the performance of process throughput.

Could anyone please helm me to tune Camunda cluster properly ?
Which parameters should improve the performance ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, problem lies in cpu limits. By 1000m you set, that only one CPU can be used. Also not sure about rate of cpuThreadCount to ioThreadCount. Its something I wanted to test, because I saw distinguished configuration. But I think, that thread count should be more to cpuThread instead of ioThread. If you will test it, please let us know.