Camunda Self-Managed Installation - License Key Setup

Hi Team,

We have purchased camunda 8 self-managed license and want to set the same into the camunda components like operate, task list, and optimize

Below link gives the details on how to set it for Optimize.

Couldn’t find a similar documentation for Operate and Task List.

Please share the details if anyone has any idea.

Self-Managed Installation is on Openshift using Helm.

Hi @Shiva_Raj
have you read this documentation?


Hi @Shiva_Raj - the documentation you linked to is actually for Camunda 7 (Optimize is used with both Camunda 7 and 8). Since you have an enterprise license, I would recommend you reach out to your CSM or AE; they will be able to get you the necessary information!

ok sure, will check on that.