Camunda Self-Managed on external docker and container Identity not accessible (keep redirect on localhost)

Hi all,
We have a small problem with Camunda and docker, perhaps someone can help us.
We use Camunda with Docker but on a separate machine, in our case a VM. We don’t use docker in localhost.
For that we’ve changed the .env file and changed the variable HOST to
We want to use “identity” to manage the users of the company that are used by our BPMN process.
All the containers are working, we can connect on them with “ip:port”. But the “identity” one with the port 8084 is not accessible and keeps redirecting on localhost:8084. Do someone have an idea why ? Do we have to change as well something in “identity” or in fact do we have to use “keycloak” to create user for e.g. “user task” ?
Hope that someone can help us !

Hi @joachim.stalder, welcome to the forums! I suspect you need to set the IDENTITY_URL (as documented here) because you have changed it from the default value. Can you share your docker-compose yaml file?

Hello @nathan.loding,
Here is my “docker-compose.yaml” file, can you tell me, where I have to change the IDENTITY_URL ? Is it correct, in the identity docker part ?
Kind regards,
Joachim Stalder
docker-compose.yaml (16.2 KB)

Hi @joachim.stalder - looks like you are using our development environment docker-compose template. You can add the IDENTITY_URL to the list of environment variables under the identity: section. There may be further customization’s needed, because that template is intended for local development and testing, but I would start with that.


Hi @nathan.loding,
Thanks for your help, I’ll have a try with that :+1: