Camunda SLA in Procerss Instance

Hi everyone, I am learning how to use Camunda

Can you assign the duration time of a task and instance process from a parametric table in the database ?

  1. I have to set the SLA for each task and process in a parametric table.


  1. Once the process instance start I have to get these times and assign them to each task and to the entire process.

  1. Somehow , I have to calculate the remain days of the entire process and every task.

Thanks in advance

Hello @sftr ,

are these durations a business requirement? If so, you could use an attached timer boundary event (which could contain these values directly) and define what would happen if the timeout hits.

I hope this helps


Yes there are business requirements, they want these values in parametric tables.

Hello @sftr ,

is there also a definition of what should happen when the timeouts are hit?

My suggestion would be to have this embedded in the process, also because the handling of the timeouts are part of the process.

A table like this could then be generated from the process model for example.


Or the other way around: The table can be edited by the business unit (in a DB or an Excel sheet or…), and then the process would read it at start and set the boundary event timers according to it.

I fully agree with @jonathan.lukas that the reaction to the timeouts should also be part of the process model.


Once the timeouts are hit, a mail should be sent informing that the process has not concluded in the stipulated time.
Ok, the embedded process with the timer boundary event works for the SLA of the whole process, but how can I configure the timer boundary event to get the values from the parametric table , using execution listeners?

also how can I set the times for each task, considering the parametric table problem?

Hello @sftr ,

instead of using an execution listener, you could use an expression in the timer itself.

You can find a doc about it here:

Requirement would be that you import the values from the SLA table to the process instance as variables at process start.


Thank u, you help a lot.

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