Camunda Spring Boot 2.1.0 with Multiple Pods in Kubernetes UnAuthorized(401) Error

Dear Sir,

We are using camunda spring boot 2.1.0 and working fine in local pc. When deployed in kubernetes with 1 pod, we are able to login into tasklist successfully.

But when deployed in Kubernetes with 2 pods(multi pods or more than 1 pod), we are not able to login into tasklist. It feels like I have login into tasklist home page and within milliseconds or immediately logout automatically.

When traced with Fiddler Web Debugger: I found below 401 error for camunda profile.
401 Error for - Request Headers GET /api/engine/engine/default/user/camunda/profile HTTP/1.1

{“timestamp”:1507082206290,“status”:401,“error”:“Unauthorized”,“message”:“No message available”,“path”:"/camunda/api/engine/engine/default/user/camunda/profile"}

In Kubernetes logs, I found below message.
A servlet request to the URI http://XXXXXXXXXXX30726/api/admin/auth/user/default/login/admin contains form parameters in the request body but the request body has been consumed by the servlet or a servlet filter accessing the request parameters. Only resource methods using @FormParam will work as expected. Resource methods consuming the request body by other means will not work as expected.

Could you please help us?

Enable session affinity, then this problem will be solved.

Thanks Kbalbi Session affinity has resolved this issue.