Camunda Spring Boot - custom Identity Provider

How to implement own Identity Provider with Camunda Spring Boot? Are there any examples? Thanks :slight_smile:

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I think there are no examples but it should be easy. You must implement den IdentityProvider interface and register your provider in the process engine configuration, for example via process engine plugin. See the docs for details.

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Let’s say I have implemented own Users and own Groups. Can you tell me how can I create the association between them? I’m talking only about reading user groups. I’m not sure when Camunda can use the association.

Hi @Philipp_Ossler

Could you please explain how to register the Identity Service Provider to the process engine configuration? I’ve read the documentation link, but still don’t understand it

*suppose I have my CustomIdentityProvider

public class CustomIdentityProvider implements ReadOnlyIdentityProvider {
    // methods implementation

Duplicated topic: Custom Identity Provider

Follow the discussion on the other thread.

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I think the correct link is Custom Identity Provider

I’ve also commented on that thread. Please comment