Camunda spring boot deployment

Hi Folks,

I have problem for deploying camunda with spring boot into dedicated tomcat server. I use camunda version 7.15 and spring boot starter version 7.15. I use WAR as packaging file. The problem is I can run properly if I run in the localhost, but when I deployed WAR files into webapps in the tomcat and see the result there’s no BPMN File loaded in the process definition.

I have tried to following sample in this link

but again it’s still failure when I deployed into tomcat server.

I use spring boot because it’s the one who recommended by camunda best practice if you want to create some services using camunda. Any on have experience sucess deploy camunda spring boot in the tomcat server? if it yes, can you share me some github repo for sample? I’ve been stuck for this in the couple of days.

Really appreciate for your any helps

This question does come up every now and then, when it does i’m always interested in finding out why you would want to do this?

Spring boot already has tomcat embedded… so there isn’t really a need to deploy it anywhere.
Also - if you do want to have your process application on tomcat. we do have a tomcat distro available .

Hi @Niall, I use spring boot because that’s the one recommended by camunda best practice. I found in this link

But I must deploy the service in the server, cannot done it via local host. Previously I use tomcat as a server and deploy war file into it and done using camunda spring. Can I use same approach if I use Spring Boot?If not what’s is the best practice deploy camunda apps in the production server

Spring Boot is certainly a recomended way to use camunda - but i’m not sure deploying a Spring boot application to tomcat should be considered recommended.

I would suggest that you if you want to have the ability to deploy your processes applications as a war file that you use the tomcat distro instead of spring boot.

so Niall if I want to deploy camunda on the server regardless using war files or not. which approach that I can use?spring boot/spring/anything else? e.g If I want to deployed it with tomcat as app server.I have no experience in deploying camunda in the production,so it will be my first

No problem!
Camunda has a lot of possible ways of running processes and creating deployments.
Picking the best deployment option depends heavily on how your plan on using camunda for your project.
Hopully this blog post will help you decide:

Hi @Niall thanks for your sharing. But I don’t have problem when running it locally. I want to have best option to deploy camunda in the app server. I will use Java for programming language. Can you recommended the one that proven in your prior experience? running well in the production environment