Camunda Spring Boot embedded running as Remote Engine Distribution

I want to consult I have a server in which it is installed as Camunda Spring Boot generated by a .jar. However, I want to make it work as Remote Engine Distribution. Is this a viable architecture deployment?
You don’t want to deploy Camunda run.

Hey @Agustin!
For sure this is a valid way to deploy Camunda.
You can use the embedded Spring Boot engine and provision it as a remote server. By using the external task pattern you can communicate with the acutual worker.

Let me know if you have any further questions in this regard. :slight_smile:

@Hafflgav, thanks for the reply. Exactly I am using the external task pattern to communicate with the worker. The Camunda documentation suggests that Camunda Run be used for a Remote installation. However now you are locally testing an Angular App, a Spring Boot worker and an external task client, all communicating via API Rest. I was wondering if this could be a correct implementation for a production environment. What would be the advantages and disadvantages.