Camunda Spring Boot External Task Client OAuth2.0 support


as the title says I am using the External Task Client Spring Boot Starter to fetch service tasks and complete them. Everything works fine until I had to protect the Camunda REST API with OAuth 2.0 Bearer token.

Now when I run the application I get 401 Error on: http://localhost:8511/camunda/engine-rest/external-task/fetchAndLock

I imagine, because the External Task Client is not aware of this protection. I looked around and in the official documentation of the External Task Client you can set in the file only the username and password with basic.auth, but in my case this is not enough. Is there a solution how to tell the External Task Client about this OAuth 2.0 protection?

I implemented this protection using the Keycloak Identity Provider Plugin (GitHub - camunda-community-hub/camunda-platform-7-keycloak: Camunda Keycloak Identity Provider Plugin).

When I do this request manually over Postman it works fine.


Hi @Camaradus,

the External Task Spring Boot Starter offers a request interceptor where you implement OAuth2 implementation: External Task Client Spring Boot Starter |

Hope this helps, Ingo