Camunda Spring Boot horizontal scaling

Hi, everyone

At this moment we’re considering Comunda as main BPMN engine for our new product, but from documentation I didn’t quite get specifics about horizontal scaling capabilities of different distribution options

What’s the best way to horizontally scale Spring Boot app? Can I just add a new instance that connects to the same db, balance load and expect it to work?

Hello @agalanov ,

this is an article that could help you:

Here, it is described what you can do to improve the performance of your engine. Also, horizontal scaling is mentioned here.

One very important point in load balancing is: If you use the camunda webapps, make sure your load balancer uses sticky sessions.

Hope this helps


Are you using Netflix OSS components for microservice architecture? Do you have client side load balancing like Netflix Ribbon(Layer 7) or server side load balancing (Layer 4) ?

Thanks for your answer. By webapps do you mean interactions with graphical user interface?

We usually use k8s for orchestration, but we have a clean slate now so it’s possible to consider other solutions

Hello @agalanov ,

yes you are right. I use webapps as term for cockpit, tasklist and admin app.