Camunda Spring Boot JSF Integration

I am using Camunda Spring Boot 1.3.0 with webapp using the example : for tomcat embedded server.

Do you have any example or solution to include External User Task JSF form link in side the workflow ?

Sorry, never had such a requirement … you do deploy JSF forms within the same spring boot application as the engine?

JSF with Spring boot is working but I am not able to call these jsf page as external form in Camunda Spring Boot webapp workflows. I have followed this web site (
) for JSF and Spring boot configuration:

Actually we want to migrate our current project workflows (which has JSF as external forms just like example reference as to Camunda Spring Boot. Do you have any solution for JSF camundaTaskForm?

@Jangalinski, do you have any use case for JSP as external forms in camunda spring boot workflow? Looks like customers wanted this feature working in camunda spring boot. So looking for solution.

sorry, jp, haven’t used (or even seen) JSPs for quite a while now. If you come up with a solution, please feel free to provide an example for the extension …

Oops… I mean JSF Task Form use case for camunda spring boot.

As mentioned above, I never had the requirement and never tried … maybe someone else can give some clues?

Hi Jangalinski,

I have integrated JSF with Camunda Spring Boot using joinfaces example ( It has worked perfectly. JSF is working fine and external forms also working when used in camunda bpm workflow.

But have one issue, I am not able use camundaTaskForm because of CDI integration is not working with spring boot. Do you have any alternate option to use camundaTaskForm in spring boot like spring integration instead of using CDI Integration?


I quote myself: [quote=“jangalinski, post:7, topic:1949”]
As mentioned above, I never had the requirement and never tried

The cdi integration is just a shortcut for a regular backing bean that reads the taskId and prepares the context. So you should be able to do so with spring as well.