Camunda Spring Boot with Shared Process Engine


Can I use Spring Boot application with Shared tomcat Engine. I have configured my engine and database in tomcat and I wanted to deploy spring boot war file with my BPMN’s alone.

any Reference to the project will be helpful


Hi @manish_kumar,

if you want to run your application on a Tomcat server with a shared process engine installed, just remove the ‘boot’ from your question and try this: Running a plain spring application with a shared engine.

It’s the last chapter on the overview page.

Hope this helps, Ingo

Thanks Richtmeier, for your fast reply.

As of now we are using the shared process engine with Spring.
But we are planning to migrate the application to spring boot to use other functionalities of it. So just checking the compatibility features.

For a Conclusion, we cant use Shared process Engine with spring Boot.

Hi @manish_kumar,

No, the Spring boot application will replace the tomcat server (as it has its own).

From the application perspective, you only have to change the pom and use the spring-boot dependencies here, add configuration files and the Spring boot application class.

If you didn’t do anything too exotic in your spring process application, moving to spring boot should be straight forward.

Hope this helps, Ingo

But we have many micro services running in apache Tomcat server, So we are planning to build the convert the existing Spring Maven Project to Spring Boot -> Build as the war and deploy in tomcat.

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