Camunda spring starter auto deploys an old process version


My Camunda is part of a Spring Boot deployment (using the starter) and its version is 7.16.0. Recently, I have been experiencing a weird problem with my BPMN deployments. Once the service has been restarted/redeployed, it creates a new deployment for one BPMN file with version N. The same BPMN file is located on the file system. That’s the latest and the correct one. However, in a couple of seconds/minutes, Camunda automatically creates a new deployment with version N+1 and automatically loads an old version of that BPMN definition. Every time I restart the service, a new deployment is created with the new and correct BPMN, and then it is automatically reverted to an old version through a new deployment.

Then, when I opened all deployments in the Cockpit, I found that all deployments have the same name - SpringAutoDeployment. So, I have decided to change the name to a new UUID for each new deployment:

void initDeploymentName(SpringProcessEngineConfiguration configuration) {
  String deploymentName = UUID.randomUUID().toString();"Camunda deployment name generated! [camundaDeploymentName={}]", deploymentName);

Once this change has been deployed, the problem was resolved. However, when I rollbacked this change, the problem came back. Unfortunately, I am not sure what is actually happening and why this change fixes the problem. Has someone experienced a similar issue? I have never had such problems for almost a year of using Camunda. I would appreciate any suggestions or help.

P.S. auto-deployment-enabled has not been set, so by default its value is true. Hence, Camunda reloads all BPMN definitions during startup.