Camunda SSL / TLS configuration on container with Oracle schema

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We have requirement of configuring SSL / TLS for Camunda-BPM on container with Oracle Schema.
I have configured sucessfully Camunda-BPM version: 7.15.6 on VM. I am not able to find any options for container part. Any help on it.

Configuration used:

OS: Ubuntu
Camunda-bpm: 7.15.6-ee with Apache Tomcat
DB: Oracle 19-C
SSL / TLS: Oracle Wallet

SSL configuration on VM

Added the below entry in server.xml file

vi /opt/camunda/server/apache-tomcat-9.0.36/conf/server.xml

Started camunda-bpm services.

Sanjeev Kumar N

In the Camunda BPM configuration file (mine is in production.yml there are some properties to set:

# do not use the provided certificate in production
    key-store: classpath:keystore.p12
    key-store-password: camunda
    key-store-type: pkcs12
    key-alias: camunda
    key-password: camunda
  port: 8443

    secure: true
    http-only: true

You will, of course, have to provide your own keystone and password, etc.

If you’re planning to use LetsEncrypt for the SSL cert, this post will help you with that aspect as well: Camunda Platform Run with Let's Encrypt

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I am looking for, like I have configured SSL / TLS on Oracle server and
we need to integrate Oracle SSL with Camunda container where handshake or Communication
between Camunda Container and Oracle Schema will happen securely.

I was able to achieve this on server, but on container its failing.

So any help on this.

Ahh, this seems more like you need to change your JDBC driver connection parameters to connect using SSL. For that, I think this post over at Oracle might be what you’re looking for.

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