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Hey guys, I´ve just started my journey in Camunda Modeler and Cockpit/Tasklist.
I made this BPMN model based on the process of Ordering a Pizza but I can’t understand why it doesn’t run properly on Cockpit and if all the connections are correct or if it is something that I’m doing that doesn’t work.
Feel free to help me because I’m really needing it! :sweat_smile:
Along with a screenshot I’m also leaving the BPMN model here!

Exercise 2 - Pizza Order.bpmn (15.0 KB)
Pizza Order Form.form (1.6 KB)

Hey @paulo.ferreira ,

First of all, your bpmn diagram has two processes. If you deploy to Camunda your bpmn diagram should just contain a single process. So you would need to create one bpmn file for customer and one bpmn file for pizza vendor.

Deploy both bpmn files and your form and try to start an instance from your customer process.

I hope this helps, kind regards

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Hey, thanks a lot for replying!
In the time being I’ve already discuss this with someone else and understood what we needed to do.

Kind regards,

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