Camunda start process issue when having more versions of bpmn model

Hi, We are using camunda 7.11 version, 2 pods and each pod having 4gb Ram and 4 core CPU. We have a bpmn diagram deployed and had 1026 versions. When we start the process instance with latest process definition id, one of my pod which accepted this request, consumed all cpu and memory and then got restarted. We could see so many warnings regarding all the versions of bpmn workflow. Could you please let me know why this behaviour occurring? Please help me to understand . Also how can we resolve this issue ?

Hi @aniinprni

I cannot say for sure if it’s the (high) number of deployed process definitions that is causing the problem, but I take it that not all these versions are active… If not, you could delete some of the old versions. This can be done using the REST API.