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I got stuck in persisting complex data in camunda. In my workflow user will generate request forms(using embed forms) with multiple items list for purchase. How can i handle a list of data. ? How it get persisted in database ? How it can be retrieved from database with simple query ?

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though I can not answer to your questions technically, it is in general an interesting question if workflow engines can and will take over tasks of usual ERP systems, like handling a purchase order.
My feeling is they can and will not, as they would drown in complexity and data.

However, the process around, like getting the second signature from a supervisor for a purchase order that exceeds a certain amount, could be handled by a workflow engine. But even that process is still quite simple, and it maybe you just let it be handled by the ERP system alone, without any engine above - as that task is just a notification and a mouseclick in 98% of all cases.

So the real scope of application for systems like Camunda are complex tasks that involve several IT systems and/or a lot of different tasks with complex process diagrams.

If anyone has another opinion about this, I would be happy to get to know it.

@Ajr you could persist the data through process variables and the History log of camunda. You would have the set the time to life of the history / process variables, as well of the history level to quite high so the data is stored.

But if you are persisting lots of data, it would be better to create Web services or tables that you can connect to through Service Tasks and/or Delegate code (Java classes, Scripts, etc) and push and pull the data from those sources.

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