Camunda Tasklist, Cockpit, Admin + Custom Spring App

Hi Camunda Experts,

I have several basic questions since i had spent hours to find answers.
I am working in a PoC for document matching, and approval (2 tiers approval process). Document matching will be done by document Uploaders (*user role) before submission to Approvers (*user role).

I am planning to use the same architecture that leverage Camunda Cockpit, Admin, and Tasklist as standalone application; and a custom web application built in spring boot.

  1. How to operate/use/create business process with Camunda (webapp, process application) to simulate simple business process with Form (e.g. approval form) ?

  2. I already installed Camunda Modeler desktop version, and I believe the modeler will produce bpmn files. How or where to place these bpmn files? do i need to create spring based Process Application? (and if yes, how does this work with Camunda webapp? )

  3. The custom spring web app consumes Camunda REST API in order to create tasks (and initiate process). Do we have sample where Spring Security works well with Camunda idm for authentication and authorization purposes?

  4. Any advice on how to accomplish this with minimum effort?

Sorry for asking basics, but hopefully this will help a lot of beginners also.

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This is a very broad question so i’ll answer it as best i can, because there’s more than one way to do it.

  • You can create a Java project that can be deployed to the distro as a war file. You can follow this tutorial for further explanation.
  • The modeler does indeed create bpmn files and depending on how you use the engine, they can be deployed directly to the engine or added to a Spring boot application. You can follow this tutorial if you want to go the Spring Boot route
  • Yup, you can use Spring Security if you like.
  • Follow the tutorials and it hopefully wont take too long, especially if you just use the Camunda Spring boot starter.

Hi @Niall,

Thanks for the answers, i am able to run a process using my spring boot apps.

  1. Run Camunda webapp (Spring Boot + Camunda Webapp dependency)
  2. Create and deploy process using Camunda Modeler

@Niall > I am planning to created a custom screen using Thymeleaf in the same spring boot app and uses Camunda Java classes to initiate process; and enable Spring Security and i want to leverage Camunda Login Page. Do you have tutorial or sample that shows integration of Camunda Admin (idm) with Spring Security?

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You can take a look at this code example, it might help.