Camunda Timer Intermediate Catch Event is not working

In the above workflow, I am passing a date variable with the expected end time. And, for the timer intermediate catch event, I have given the condition as #{eventEndTime}.
So, my expectation is that the process should wait for the event end time. And, this worked for a while. However, recently I have been noticing that some of the process are still stuck at the Timer Catch Event even after the event end time. I am not really sure what is happening here.
Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.

how long is the time waiting beyond the time you expect it to execute?

Thorben wrote a blog post about the Job executor and how to debug it recently. Maybe this can help you with debugging:

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eventEndTime is a process level variable passed while completing the Event End Time User Task. The value passed to the variable is a valid timestamp. The expectation is the timer will wait for the eventEndTime and then proceed to the Update Event Ended Service Task. But somehow the flow seems to be stuck at timer even after the eventEndTime.