Camunda Training - Create a Spring Boot Application Dependency Errors

Following this exercise and this gitHub repository, I am unable to get the project working locally with Eclipse. When loading the project I’ve used both “File → Upload Projects from File System…” as well as “Import… → Existing Maven Projects”.

I keep getting errors within my pom.xml about invalid artifact repositories. Per the documentation, I do not have an enterprise edition, so I have not been appending “-ee” to the specified dependencies.

Per Eclipse, I am also unable to create a run configuration that allows me to “Run Java Application” the provided “” class.

Any help would be appreciated!

Can you upload your pom file?

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Hey @michael.mertz - Welcome to the Camunda Forum! :slight_smile:
I tried to run the code from the referenced GitHub and it works fine for me. A thing worth looking out for is if the URL for the Camunda Artifactory is set properly. Check out this blogpost here:

Hi @michael.mertz,

is your computer running inside a corporate network, maybe connected via VPN? If yes, it is worth to check the maven proxy settings as it is usually a maven issue to access new artifacts from maven central (where all community artifacts are available) on your local computer.

Have a look here for the options: Maven – Guide to using proxies.

It may also worth to build the project from the command line with force update: Eclipse uses an internal maven implementation with additional configuration, that may be confusing (for the user and the computer :slight_smile: )

Hope this helps, Ingo